Frequently Asked Questions:

What is TALENTER in general?

TALENTER is a block chain currency in the first place. Additionally a service platform is in development which allows people to use TALENTER on a daily basis.

What is the difference between TALENTER (TLT) and

TALENTER (TLT) is a block chain currency developed for micro payment in the service area. is an service offer application which are going to use TALENTER (TLT) as currency.

Does the currency TALENTER (TLT) depend on the platform

No. TALENTER (TLT) is a freely tradable currency and can be used by who ever and what ever.

What’s the technological basis of TALENTER?

TALENTER (TLT) is based on Ethereum and the micro payment enhancement Raider. Both are proven technologies and therefore ideal for Talenters approach.

Will there be a company TALENTER?

The currency TALENTER (TLT) is completely independent and grounded by a public block chain network. is going to be a organisation encouraging people to use TALENTER (TLT) to sell and buy new services.

How does Talenter become worlds biggest service platform?

Step by step. Town by town. With exponential rate. Talenter mayors in each area are going to promote Talenter for their own good. Their profit depends on Talenter transactions on the platform in their district.

What are the key facts of TALENTER (TLT)?

At the beginning 100 mio. TALENTER will be generated. Mining will be possible. A small inflation rate of 2% is aimed.

How is Talenter funded?

In an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) TALENTER (TLT) will be sold in exchange for Ethereum (ETH).

How will the collected Ethereum be used?

The collected Ethereum will be used for developing, acquiring TALENTER mayor, for Public Relations and for marketing measurements.

Who is behind Talenter?

The entrepreneurs Alexander Hotz and Roland Schwarz. Everyone is invited to join us who is willing and has the ability to put Talenter a step further. Please contact us:

Where is located?

In Germany, Stuttgart.

How can I get in contact with Talenter?

email:, Phone: +49 173 20 76 894